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Meet the Innovators

Chef Elizabeth

Chef Elizabeth Falkner

Chef | Author | TV Personality |
Manhattan, NY
Chef Jamie Tranbw

Jamie Tran

Chef|Co-Owner | The Black Sheep
Las Vegas, NV
Chef Feges And Smith

Feges & Smith

Chef Owners | Feges BBQ
Houston, TX
Chef Fatou Ouattara

Fatou Ouattara

Executive Chef | Akadi
Portland, OR, USA
Chef John Lasaterx

John Lasater

Executive Chef | Hattie B's
Nashville, TN, USA
Chef Keith Pears

Keith Pears

Executive Chef | Delta Marriott Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Chef Jeremie Falissard

Chef Jeremie Falissard

Executive Chef | Barroco Group
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Chef Roy Oh

Chef Owner Roy Oh

Chef | Owner | Anju
Calgary, Ontario, Canada
Chef Alessandro Vianellosx

Alessandro Vianello

Executive Chef | Gooseneck Hospitality
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Chef Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez

Chef | Owner | Loba Restaurant
Miami, FL
Chef Mikel Anthony Interview

Mikel Anthony

Chef | Chef's Roll's Test Kitchen & Co-Owner Cast Iron
San Diego, CA
Chef Coleman Haywood Kitchen

Ross Coleman and James Haywood

Chefs | Owners | Kitchen 713
Houston, TX
Chef Jackson Desousa Headshot

Chef John Jackson and Chef Connie DeSousa

Co Chef Owners | Charcut Restaurant and Rooftop Bar Simmons
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Chef Bj Smith

Chef BJ Smith

Executive Chef & Owner | Smokehouse Tavern
Portland, Oregon
Chef Derek Dammann Interview

Derek Dammann

Chef|Owner | Maison Publique
Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal, Canada
Chef Murray Mcdonald Headshot

Chef Murray McDonald

Executive Chef | Cluny Bistro
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Chef Julia Momosex

Julia Momose

Partner & Creative Director Kumiko & Beverage Creative Oriole | Kumiko | Oriole
Chicago, IL
Chef George Castaneda of Sodexo

Chef George Castaneda

Executive Chef | Sodexo North America
Nashville, TN
Guest Chef Nu

Nuit Regular

Chef Owner | Pai and Kiin
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Chef Hero Adam

Adam Walker

Chef | Panache
Chef Gabe Erales

Gabe Erales

Executive Chef | Dai Due Taqueria
Austin, TX
Chef Josh Harmonb

Josh Harmon

Chef |
Dallas, TX
Chef Drew Garms

Drew Garms

Executive Chef|USA Chef of the Year | The Everglades Club
Palm Beach, FL
Chef Scott Cannon Headshot

Chef Scott Cannon

Executive Chef | Cork & Craft
San Diego, CA
Canadian Brewhouse

Jason Story

Executive Chef | Canadian Brewhouse
Chef Sean Macdonald

Sean MacDonald

Executive Chef | Hexagon & 7 Enoteca
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Chef Ned Bell Headshotmd

Chef Ned Bell

Executive Chef | OceanWise & Vancouver Aquarium
Vancouver, British Columbia
Chef Kim Alter

Kim Alter

Chef|Owner | Nightbird Restaurant & Linden Room
San Francisco, CA, USA
Chef Misti Norris

Misti Norris

Chef | Owner | Petra and the Beast
Dallas, TX
Chef Nicole Omes

Nicole Gomes

Chef|Owner | Cluck N' Cleaver|Nicole Gourmet Catering
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Chef Ted Corrado

Ted Corrado

Corporate Executive Chef | The Drake Properties
Ontario, Canada
Chef John Placko Headshot

John Placko

Founder | Modern Culinary Academy | Powder for Texture
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Chef Jacqueline Blanchard

Jacqueline Blanchard

Chef|Co-Owner | Coutelier
New Orleans, LA
Chef Christine Rivera

Christine Rivera

Chef de Cuisine | Galaxy Taco
La Jolla, CA
Chef Julia sullivan

Julia Sullivan

Chef Owner | Henrietta Red
Nashville, TN
Chef Claudette Zepeda Wilkins

Claudette Zepeda Wilkins

Executive Chef|Owner | El Jardin
San Diego, CA
Chef Shahir Massoud

Shahir Massoud

Chef|Owner | Levetto
Aurora, Canada
Chef Adrian Niman

Adrian Niman

Executive Chef|Founder|Owner | The Food Dudes
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Chef Lemley

Nathan Lemley and Sarah Heard

Chef Owners | Foreign & Domestic
Austin, TX
Chef Shota Nakajima

Shota Nakajima

Chef|Owner | Adana
Seattle, WA, USA
Chef Trish Gill

Trish Gill

Executive Chef|Owner | The Twisted Apron
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Chef Volkhart Caro Churro

Volkhart Caro

Chef|Owner | Churros King
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Chef Parnass Lim Savang

Parnass Lim Savang

Chef|Owner | Talat Market
Atlanta, GA
Sous Chef Brent Leitch

Brent Leitch

Sous Chef | Campagnolo
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Chef Bushan Arolkar

Bhushan Arolkar

Chef|Owner | Urban Turban
Las Vegas, NV
Chef Irene Li Headshot

Chef Irene Li

Chef Owner | Mei Mei Restaurant
Boston, MA
Chef Philip Speer Headshot

Chef Philip Speer

Chef | Bonhomie
Austin, TX
Chef Angela G.

Angela Garbacz

Chef Owner | Goldenrod Pastries
Lincoln, NE
Chef Richie Nanko

Richie Nakano

Chef|Owner | IDK Concepts
San Francisco, CA
Chef Amanda Cohen

Chef Amanda Cohen

Executive Chef and Owner | Dirt Candy
Manhattan, NY
Chef Chloe Epstein

Chloe Epstein

Founder/Owner | Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit Co.
New York, NY
Chef Grover Smith Headshot

Grover Smith

Partner & Organizer | Indie Chefs Week
Houston, TX
Chef Gregory Gourdet

Chef Gregory Gourdet

Executive Chef | Departure
Portland, OR
Chef Kevin Kossowan Headshot

Kevin Kossowan

Founder | Story Chaser Productions | "From the Wild"
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Chef Christine Moseley

Christine Moseley

CEO|Founder | Full Harvest
San Francisco, CA
Chef Jake Lefenfeld

Jacob Lefenfeld

Co-Owner and Bar Manager | La Cuchara
Baltimore, MD
Featured ChefChef Elizabeth

Chef Elizabeth Falkner

Manhattan, NY | Chef Elizabeth FaulknerMeet The Chefs Bio Background

Culinary instigator Elizabeth Falkner is a multi-award-winning chef and restaurateur whose culinary journey originated in San Francisco before making her way to the Empire State of New York.

A fearless competitor in the world of cooking, Falkner has been featured on “Sugar Showdown,” “Top Chef Masters” and “Iron Chef America,” as a contestant and judge. She has also attained James Beard recognition, an accolade for her work behind the scenes at San Francisco restaurant Citizen Cake. 

We had a great chat with Falkner about the development of her culinary style and how chefs today can learn from her love of flavor and experimentation.

Read the full Chef Falkner interview

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