Recipe Details

Puree Cattlemen's® Memphis Sweet BBQ® Sauce, lemon juice, olive oil, water, tahini and black pepper.

  1. Combine ingredients and puree in blender


This is as much a vinaigrette dressing as it is a light seafood glaze.

Use it to dress seafood salads or as a dip for unique Mediterranean grilled and chilled seafood cocktail.

The Cattlemen’s® BBQ Sauce and the Tahini help naturally bind the oil with the lemon juice and water.

Don’t skimp on the freshly ground black pepper.

Other nice additions to this glaze are roasted garlic or fresh, minced mint leaves.

Photo is shown with grilled Branzino brushed and drizzled with Mediterranean BBQ Seafood Glaze and a side of Israeli Cous Cous mixed with fresh spinach, oyster mushrooms and slivered red onion.