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Almond Extract, Imitation, has a smooth, nutty flavor. It is clear, colorless, and has a typical odor and taste. Almond Extract, Imitation, is the flavoring extract prepared from Imitation Oil of Bitter Almonds (Benzaldehyde FCC). It is a blend of water, alcohol, and oil of bitter almonds.

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Shelf Life:Almond Extract, Imitation, should be stored under cool, dry conditions. Exposure to direct sunlight or excessive heat should be avoided and the bottle should be kept tightly sealed when not in use to prevent evaporation of the alcohol. If properly stored, extracts have a shelf life of up to four years.




Directions: Extracts complement and intensify the ingredients with which they are used. They are not just for use with sweet foods and they may be used alone or in combinations. Though the use of a different extract than called for in a recipe can create a "flavor surprise" which can be exceptionally good, extracts are not equal in strength and should not be substituted 1 to 1. Fruit flavors like orange and lemon are the mildest while mint and peppermint are the strongest.
Almond Extract, Imitation, may be used with fish, coffee or hot chocolate, baked beans, macaroons, coffee cake, and cherry pie. It is especially good with fruit dishes but adds to the flavor of a variety of foods.
Vanilla Almond Coffee: Add 1 ounce vanilla extract and 1 ounce almond extract to 1 pound ground coffee; shake to blend thoroughly; a wonderful flavor addition especially for decaffeinated brews.


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