Recipe Details

Need a new appetizer, but feeling in a pinch to get it on your summer menu in time? Pick San Diego Chef Mikel Anthony’s savory crab lollipops this year! Made from a deep-fried puree of shrimp, soy sauce, egg and cooking cream, these pops are covered in a Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk and Red Curry Paste sauce, perfect for any sunny day or sunset dinner. 

For the Crab Lollipops:

  1. Puree shrimp, soy sauce, egg and cooking cream in bullet or robot coupe.
  2. Form ball around claw and dip into bread crumbs to coat.
  3. Deep fry until golden brown.

For the Red Curry Coconut Sauce:

  1. Heat Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk until scolding hot.
  2. Whisk in Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste.
  3. Set aside and reserve for use.

For Plating & Serving:

  1. On a plate spread the sauce and top with crab lollipops.


These crab lollipops would serve well on a buffet, family style or as passed hors d'oeuvres.