Recipe Details

Featuring Lawry’s® Wings & Things Spicy Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix. Need more buffalo in your life? Lawry’s® Wings & Things Spicy Buffalo Seasoning tops this all beef burger for a spicy kick that gets cooled down with chunks of crumbled blue cheese. Serve on a pretzel roll and you've got a real pub favorite!

For Burger

  1. Form ground beef into 4 equal patties or desired size
  2. Dust both sides of each patty with Lawry's Wings & Things Spicy Buffalo Wings Seasoning
  3. Grill until desired doneness.
  4. Sprinkle remaining seasoning over cooked patties.

For the Build

  1. On base of bun, place lettuce, tomato and cooked burger.
  2. Top with crumbled blue cheese, and crown with top of bun.


Need some sauce? Mix 2 tablespoons Lawry's® Wings & Things Spicy Buffalo Wing Seasoning Mix with 2-3 tablespoons of hot water.