Cholula | Beloved Flavor Patrons Ask For By Name

The Beloved Flavor Patrons Ask for by Name

Cholula, the #1 Mexican Hot Sauce in the World*

You love to give your customers the very best. And Cholula Hot Sauce on your tabletops does just that. With a premium blend of arbol and piquin peppers, our authentic Mexican flavor brightens up any meal. Top every table with the flavors your patrons crave from the brands they love and trust. Choose Cholula.

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Distinctive Wooden Seal of Quality
Generations of Authentic Mexican Heritage
Blend of Arbol, Piquin Peppers & Signature Spices
Balanced Heat Enhances the Flavor of Food
La Chilia, the Beloved Muse Who Started It All
The Hot Sauce Patrons Ask for by Name
Adds Approachable Heat to Eggs, Tacos & More

Save a Seat for Authentic Mexican Flavor

Served tableside, the authentic, balanced Mexican flavor of Cholula enhances dishes without overpowering.

Choose Cholula

Cholula Hot Sauce is the delicious result of a generations-old recipe and rich Mexican heritage. By using the ripest local ingredients and a creative blend of authentic spices, Cholula quickly became known as “el sabor perfecto,” the perfect flavor. That original recipe has gone unchanged over the years, offering a memorable taste experience for your dishes and guests.

*Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Retail volume sales of hot sauces excluding chili pastes. Based on custom research. For more info visit, click here.

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