Rise & Shine To Global Tastes – Wake Up to Worldly Flavors

Global tastes worth getting out of bed for.


It’s time to make breakfast the most important meal of the day again. Ditch the buttered toast and jolt your senses awake with the alluring aromas and tantalizing tastes. At McCormick, we always strive to innovate the culinary sphere to help everyone get excited for each and every mealtime - it means leaving the coffee and bagel routine behind and instead, diving head-first into a cornucopia of otherworldly tastes and textures.

Tinkering and inventiveness in the kitchen doesn’t begin with lunch and dinner - rather it all starts with breakfast. Rise & Shine to Global Tastes is a popular trend where we can crack into anything from North African Shakshuka to Iranian Pache. This invigorates us: the possibilities are endless - enlightened from travels and tasty tales abroad, we offer hearty ancients grains to potent spices from the Middle East in restaurants. We take diners on a whirlwind-tastebud tour; and it’s not only to help kick-start their morning, but power them merrily through the day. 

Say “good morning!” to these 5 restaurants who offer the best global breakfasts:

1.  abcV (New York City, New York)

Jean-Georges Vongerichten needs no introductions. The highly respected veteran of the culinary world and award-winning chef takes breakfast to a whole new level at his eatery abcV. For super-healthy fare, opt for no ordinary “jook” – here his Forbidden Rice and Millet Congee ups the ante: he uses black rice and millet. Thick and creamy with a sweet aroma, top it with a gaggle of savory condiments which include: nori, fermented chili paste and mushrooms laced with fermented black beans. If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, there’s an option to add protein: a poached egg or sliced avocado.

2.  Superba Food + Bread (Venice, California)

Considered an Essential Eat by LA Weekly, Restaurateur Paul Hibler offers healthy, fresh fare at this “cafe-patisserie-bread bakery”. In particular, his Grain Bowl is a table head-turner. With a rainbow of colors and flavors, the base in this savory grain bowl is a porridge of quinoa, wheat berries, and rye berries stewed with regular or hazelnut milk. A runny egg is placed in the center and it’s surrounded by pickles, collard slaw, avocado and cashews. Still famished? You can opt to add ahi tuna or chicken.

3.  Vessel Kitchen (Park City, Utah)

Profiled by Bon Appétit as “the best place to grab breakfast”, Park City is not just a skier's haven - but one for food too. Owners Nick Gradinger, Rose’e Levy, and Brian Reeder’s offer breakfast, lunch and dinner options using locally sourced ingredients from community partners. Pretty as a picture, their Shakshuka skillet is a winner - percolating and puckering as it arrives to the table, diners enjoy sautéed spiced tomatoes that cushion two runny, creamy eggs. Sometimes simple - done well - is best. It is served with charred bread.

4.  Yafo Kitchen (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Described as a place where the team and food is “outstanding”, the fresh and fast-casual spot will be “the next Chipotle” as predicted by Charlotte Agenda. Zagat gives the eatery the thumbs up, citing it as offering “high quality eats in a colorful space”. Owner and creator Frank Scibelli provides guests with an opportunity to "build your own bowl"- choose from a base of cumin jasmine rice or grain romaine or spinach and kale. Add proteins such as Baharat spiced ground beef with pine nuts and toppings such as sumac onion and tabbouleh. Finish with pungent and pronounced dressings/sauces such as schug (cilantro-jalapeno sauce) or hearty spreads such as hummus, or babaganoush.

5.  Fat Rice (Chicago, Illinois)

All-American hash gets turned upside-down at Fat Rice. Named Restaurant of the Year by Jean Banchet Awards for Culinary Excellence and reviewed by Michelin guide as a place to help those unfamiliar with the food of Macau get transformed “into believers”. Chefs Adrienne Lo and Abraham Conlon offer up their popular Minchi Hash: minced pork and beef get the stir-fry treatment; it is placed on a bed of garlicky greens and crispy coconut rice paddies then a glossy sunny side-up egg is draped over the dish.

Set your alarm clock and wake-up to exploratory eats that revive your senses and are bursting at the seams with worldly charm and character. 

Rise & Shine to Global Tastes is an opportunity to transform breakfast into an adventure brimming with unexpected and delicious combinations. Push the boundaries with the unconventional and impress your guest’s palates today.

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