Recipe Details

A French's® Crunchy Jalapeno twist to classic queso dip.


  1. In a food processor combine cream cheese, milk, cheddar cheese, mustard, jalapeno, onion powder and salt. Blend until well combined.
  2. Portion mixture equally into 8 oz ramekins. Hold refrigerated for service.


  1. Set oven to 350°F. For each serving, bake one ramekin of jalapeno popper dip until warmed through.
  2. Remove from oven and top with 1/2 cup of crispy jalapenos. Bake until crispy jalapenos are lightly toasted.
  3. Serve hot alongside 2 cups tortilla chips.


Replace crispy jalapenos with French's® Crispy Fried Onions add texture and crunch without the heat.