Recipe Details

Foreign &  Domestic’s  Fried  Pickled  Green  Tomatoes  with  Black  Pepper  Gastrique elevates this key Southern dish to new flavor heights. Tangy green tomato slices tossed  in McCormick Culinary® Ground Black Pepper and Dark Chili Powder with a hint of Fine Grind Mediterranean Sea Salt are topped with a biting black pepper gastrique drizzle. Flavorful and friendly for any daypart, offer this craveable dish on your menu and watch for return customers!

For the Black Pepper Gastrique:

  1. Make a dry caramel with sugar.
  2. Once caramel is light brown add apple cider vinegar and McCormick Culinary® Black Pepper, Ground.
  3. Reduce until viscous and reserve.

For the Fried Pickled Green Tomatoes:

  1. Slice green tomatoes and toss with vinegar, McCormick Culinary® Sea Salt, Mediterranean Fine Grind and McCormick Culinary® Black Pepper, Ground. Let sit for 10 minutes.
  2. Dip tomatoes in flour, coating completely, and knocking off any excess flour.
  3. Dip tomatoes in buttermilk and then peppered cornmeal.
  4. Fry tomatoes until golden brown and place on drying rack.
  5. Season to taste with McCormick Culinary® Chili Powder and McCormick Culinary® Sea Salt, Mediterranean Fine Grind.

For Serving:

  1. Stack Fried Pickled Green Tomatoes on a place and drizzle with Black Pepper Gastrique then serve.


If making in advance and or for quantity cooking, once fried and seasoned hold in a warm oven (200F) on a rack in a single layer and serve as recipe instructs.