Recipe Details

"Fish Fry Fridays" are an everyday eat with this traditional shared fried seafood appetizer, with a bit of a twist. Our Grill Mates® Seafood Seasoning brings the unexpected hint of smoke and sweetness in the breading, along with all of it's other complimentary flavors and our mouthwatering Mustard Seafood Aioli. Unique flavors and a fresh, crisp texture will make this a "keeper" throw-back signature item!  

For the Breaded Rockfish Bites:

  1. Trim seafood into pieces no thicker than 3/4" so they fry quickly without becoming too dark.
  2. Lay fish pieces out close together on a sheet pan and season lightly on one side with Grill Mates Seafood Seasoning.
  3. Set up a standard breading station in equally sized shallow half hotel pans.
  4. Next to the seasoned seafood bites, start with flower, then a pan of egg wash, a pan of panko crumbs and finally a parchment lined sheet tray for the breaded seafood bites. Bread each piece through the flour, egg wash and panko.
  5. Hold refrigerated for frying to order.
  6. Fry 5 pieces to order in a 350® F fryer.

For the Plating & Garnish:

  1. Plate 5 pieces of fried seafood with 3 1/2 tablespoons of mustard seafood aioli RECIPE >> in a portion cup and garnish each order with a lemon wedge and parsley sprig.


Throughout the breading process, keep one hand wet and the other hand dry.  Drop a few pieces of seasoned seafood into the flour.  With your other hand (the dry one) cover seafood pieces with flour and pat them to coat well.  Pick them up and shake off excess flour with the same dry hand and drop them into the egg wash.  Submerge them with your other (wet) hand and ensure they are well coated with egg wash.  Drain each piece slightly and drop them into the pan with panko crumbs.  Cover and pat them with your dry hand to coat well.  Place in a single layer on the sheet tray and refrigerate cup-covered.  Breaded items are less likely to become damp and soggy if they are not covered.