Recipe Details

This fall, use cinnamon to counterbalance the typically sweet profile of apple cider.  Take it a step above by using the method described below to achieve a burnt cinnamon caramel that mimics the flavor cinnamon develops as it sits in the oven on top of an apple pie.

For the Burnt Cinnamon:

  1. Heat a dry pan on stove top to medium heat.
  2. Toast cinnamon until desired level of toasty aroma.

For the Burnt Cinnamon Caramel:

  1. In a bowl, combine the burnt cinnamon and caramel sauce until there are no lumps.

For the Burnt Cinnamon Apple Cider:

  1. In a shaker, pour apple cider, burnt cinnamon caramel, and lemon juice over ice.
  2. Shake hard for 30-45 seconds to incorporate the caramel.
  3. Double strain into a tumbler glass or 4 shooter glasses.

For the Garnish:

  1. Garnish with apple slices, and more burnt caramel, if desired, and serve.


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If you'd like to make a large batch of burnt cinnamon, place on a dry sheet pan in a 300F oven. Toast for 8-10 minutes, until fragrant and darker in color.