Recipe Details

In this simple recipe, give patrons the option to customize their bowl with a variety of toppings, seasonings and sweeteners. Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk makes a rich, creamy base for sweet or savory toppings. 

  1. Combine all ingredients in a medium sized bowl. Cover and let sit overnight
  2. Stir and portion into cups. Top with preferred components.


1-96oz can of Thai Kitchens Coconut Milk makes 14 servings of this Dairy-Free Overnight Oats recipe. 


Top with berries, slivered nuts, and honey for a fruit & nut option, or toasted coconut flakes, mango pieces and pomegranate molasses for a sweet topical start.

Try overnight oats with cinnamon roasted sweet potatoes and carrots drizzled with extra maple syrup for a vegan/vegetarian option.

Top with salty pancetta, corn and shredded Gruyere for a savory topping.