Recipe Details

Turkey breast roasted in a light Southwest seasoning is chilled, sliced and served over a chipotle cheddar wrap that’s spread with a blend of French’s® Classic Yellow® Mustard, grilled Poblano peppers, Ancho pepper, mayonnaise and a hint of peanut. Dress with lettuce, tomato, avocado and fresh cilantro.

  1. For Ancho Poblano Mustard: Combine first 5 ingredients. Season with salt if desired. Hold refrigerated for service. Yields 1 cup
  2. To Build Wrap: Spread wrap with 1-1/2 Tbsp. Ancho Poblano Mustard. Top with lettuce, tomato and turkey. Finish with cilantro and lime juice. Season with pepper and salt.
  3. Fold over sides and roll up wrap tightly. Wrap with plastic wrap.


Warm wrap in microwave for 10 seconds so it becomes flexible and rolls easily.

This wrap could be converted to a vegetarian option with grilled vegetables and/or tofu.

The bold flavors or the wrap, dressing and fresh Latin garnishes make this a perfect build for pork or full flavored seafood.