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Holiday Favorites Collide in One Innovative Sandwich

Take your holiday menu to the next level and impress patrons with this turkey sandwich! It combines cranberry-orange chutney, gravy, and thick slices of traditional turkey breast placed on a stuffing-infused hoagie roll. Serve it up alongside some baked green bean fries to give a nod to the classic green bean casserole and complete the meal.

Spice Up Your Holiday Menu

Warm, sweet spices to inspire your next culinary creation in the back of house.
McCormick Culinary® Ground Cinnamon

McCormick® Culinary Ground Cinnamon

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McCormick Culinary® Paprika

McCormick® Culinary Paprika

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McCormick Culinary® Ground Nutmeg

McCormick® Culinary Ground Nutmeg

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McCormick Culinary® Table Grind Black Pepper

McCormick® Culinary Shaker Grind Black Pepper

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