Take Home the MVP with Your Signature Game Day Carry Out

This year the Super Bowl, like every other event in the past ten months will be very different. Different means the opportunity for strong sales will shift heavily to carry out and delivery. Some regions may be bouncing back, and others may be still limiting capacity and suggesting carry out. To make it happen, we suggest you create a simple Super Bowl Carry Out & Delivery Menu and get it on your website soon.


Our Chefs who don’t agree on who will be playing in the game, do agree that presenting your house specialties in a party platter format and a few Super Bowl favorites will work operationally and bring in the sales.


Choose ideas based on which will appeal to your customers and work in your kitchen. Our thought is that offering just 5 or 6 of these items that can be made efficiently with your quality standards will be the winning game plan. This is a 1-day event so stay close to your menu and stocked proteins.


Packaging is critical. With CDC suggestions to keep gatherings small, it might be smart to package snack trays in sizes to serve 16 to 20 pieces, or 8 to 10 people. A small group might order 5 or 6 different items and double up on some if they wish.