Recipe Details

An Asian twist on the American favorite - Pulled Pork Sliders. Using Thai Kitchen and Lawry's products makes this dish a simple and flavorful addition to the menu

Pulled Pork Sliders"

  1. Rub pork shoulder with dry rub, place in roasting pan and allow to set for 30 minutes. Combine sweet chili sauce and rice wine vinegar and pour over pork. Pre-heat oven to 300ºF and roast pork, covered, for 3 to 4 hours or until very tender.
  2. For the Green Curry Aioli: Combine green curry paste, mayonnaise, lime juice, and cilantro. Refrigerate and allow flavors to marry for 30 minutes.
  3. Remove pork and allow meat to cool slightly. Reserve pan drippings in a bowl and degrease. When pork is cool enough to handle, shred into bite size pieces. Pour pan drippings back over shredded pork and toss to coat.
  4. Spread each slider bun with 1 tablespoon green curry mayo, top with 2 ounces pulled pork and 2 tablespoons of Asian Slaw. Serve immediately.

Asian Slaw

  1. Combine Mirin, soy sauce, and sugar over low heat until sugar dissolves. Allow to cool and whisk in sesame oil and vegetable oil.
  2. Toss together with coleslaw mix, red cabbage, snow peas and red onion.
  3. Garnish with sesame seeds if desired.
  4. Serve on or beside Thai Pulled Pork Sliders with Green Curry Aioli.


Serve the pork and slaw over steamed rice for a rice bowl version.