Recipe Details

Getting clammy hands just became a good thing with our latest appetizer by Seattle's Chef Shota Nakajima, Chef-Owner of Adana Restaurant in Seattle.  Combining fresh tomato paste with miso, oregano, squash and the always popular taste of OLD BAY seasoning, this simmery clam feat is the perfect, easy addition to any spring or summer menu.


For the Tomato Paste:

  1. Combine the tomato paste, miso and OLD BAY seasoning.
  2. Slowly add dashi to mixture.
  3. Slowly simmer down with oregano and squash until half way.

For the Clams:

  1. Place clams in pot with sake and slowly simmer until they open up.
  2. Add clam juice into the sauce.

For Serving:

  1. Place a spoon full of the tomato paste in the bottom of a bowl and top with the cooked clams.
  2. Finish by drizzling the tomato paste of the clams and serve.


Use the extra tomato paste and clams to make a quick-service seafood pasta dish.