Recipe Details

Fresh carrot juice and ginger lend vibrant color and warm flavor to this innovative cocktail.

For the simple syrup:

  1. Place ginger in center of a piece of cheesecloth. Tie tightly with long piece of string. Place ginger sachet, water, and sugar in small saucepan on medium heat. Bring to boil. Reduce heat to low; simmer 3 minutes, stirring to dissolve sugar. Remove from heat.
  2. Refrigerate overnight to blend flavor. Remove sachet. Store spiced syrup, covered, in the refrigerator. (Makes 8 ounces; 16-1/2 ounce servings.)

For the cocktail:

  1. Fill cocktail shaker two-thirds full with ice.
  2. Add carrot juice, vodka, Ginger Simple Syrup, and orange-flavored liqueur; shake until well mixed and chilled.
  3. Strain into martini glass.
  4. Garnish with shaved carrot, if desired. Serve immediately. (This recipe makes one cocktail.)


Leftover Ginger Simple Syrup can be used to sweeten iced tea or lemonade.