Recipe Details

Flour tortilla filled with Cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs and bacon served over hash browns. Covered with Cattlemen's® Chipotle® BBQ Sauce and garnished with queso blanco, avocado and French's™ Crispy Jalapeños

  1. Warm tortilla and cover in the center, cheese, eggs and bacon. Fold sides over and roll up tightly.Fry for just a few minutes to crisp tortilla.
  2. Serve Chimichanga over hash browns. Cover with Cattlemen’s® Chipotle BBQ Sauce, garnish with a drizzle of queso blanco, avocado, French’s™ Crispy Jalapenos and cilantro.


This can also be served un-fried as a smothered BBQ burrito.

For a portable breakfast burrito, include the sauce, avocado slices and French’s™ Crispy Jalapenos inside the burrito.

If Queso Blanco isn’t stocked, replace it with sour cream or cumin and fresh lime juice infused sour cream.