Recipe Details

Breakfast burrito stuffed with pulled pork tossed in salsa verde bbq sauce, avocado and cheese.

Salsa Verde BBQ Sauce

  1. In a bowl combine Hot & Spicy BBQ sauce, salsa verde, cumin, and chipotle pepper. Whisk until well mixed. Hold refrigerated until needed.


  1. In a heavy bottom pot over medium heat combine pulled pork with Salsa Verde BBQ Sauce. Stir to evenly distribute sauce. Heat to 165°F and hold hot for service.


  1. Set griddle to medium. For each serving, place 1 tortilla on griddle. Covered with 1/4 cup cheese to melt.
  2. Remove tortilla from grill and top cheese with 3 ounces of sauced pork and 1 scrambled egg. Top with 1 tablespoon onion, 1/4 avocado sliced, 2 tablespoons tomato and 1 1/2 teaspoons cilantro.
  3. Roll tortilla from bottom, fold in the sides and roll tightly. Serve hot with a lime wedge.


For a chimichanga, fry the tightly wrapped burrito, smother with additional Salsa Verde BBQ Sauce and finish with additional shredded cheese.