Recipe Details

Chicken is going places! Mix North and South in this application for incredible flavor that breaks boundaries and keeps mouths watering. 

For the Chicken:

  1. Combine McCormick Culinary(r) Southwest Seasoning with neutral flavored oil.
  2. Mix the Buffalo Wing Sauce and Dressing together.
  3. Divide the sauce mixture in half. Set aside one half for later use. With the other half, brush the chicken breasts.
  4. Using the Southwest seasoned oil, coat the Buffalo-topped chicken and sear in a hot pan or on the flat top until cooked.

For the Build:

  1. Spread 2 tablespoons of the remaining mixed Buffalo Wing Sauce and Dressing on each half of the roll.
  2. Place cooked chicken on the roll and top with lettuce and tomato. Crown with top of bun.


Try serving with a side of house-made pickles - like our Smoky Sweet Pickles with Strawberries, or Zesty Sriracha Pickles