Recipe Details

Softened butter is combined with Cattlemen's® Mississippi Honey BBQ® Sauce.

  1. Combine ingredients


The 50:50 blend of BBQ and butter can be adjusted in either direction to create a perfect blend for most any use; Increase the ratio of BBQ sauce to glaze grilled chicken and pork or switch to Cattlemen’s Hot & Spicy or Chipotle and use this as a steak butter.

Fresh herbs such as mint, tarragon and dill can be added for menu variety.

For a more pronounced honey taste, add a locally recognized honey and call it out in the menu description; “Our own BBQ Honey Butter made with North City Orchard Honey and Jones Dairy fresh sweet butter”.

Photo is shown with fried chicken, collard greens with bacon, and a buttermilk biscuit.

Served with Cattlemen's® Mississippi Honey BBQ® Sauce and BBQ Honey Butter for dipping.