Recipe Details

Cattlemen’s® Original BBQ Sauce mixed with a fresh vegetable mirepoix and spiked with black pepper and beef demi-glace for a spicy classic French sauce.

  1. Combine mirepoix with vinegar and pepper.
  2. Add Cattlemen’s and Beef demi-glace and simmer for just a few minutes.


Mirepoix is a classical French vegetable mixture of 2 parts onion, 1 part celery and 1 part carrot.

These vegetables are sautéed or caramelized in butter.

There are commercially prepared mirepoix blends and bases.

Check to ensure that salt content is not too high.

For a thinner sauce replace beef demi-glace with beef au jus or a quality stock.

The mirepoix vegetables can be left in the finely diced condition or pureed to a smoother consistency.

Wonderful for Euro BBQ grilled, roasted and smoked meats, wild game and poultry.

For a vegetation version replace the beef demi-glace with reduced port or red wine.