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Our McCormick for Chefs honey mustard yogurt dressing boasts the every-heavenly health halo associated with yogurt, complete with the wings of a savory finish delivered by Lawry's Citrus & Herb Seasoning.  It's a match made in taste heaven with our Poached Salmon and Honey Mustard Yogurt Salad.

For the Honey Mustard Yogurt Dressing:

  1. Combine Lawry's Citrus & Herb Salt Free Seasoning and milk.
  2. Blend with yogurt and French's Honey Mustard. .
  3. Hold refrigerated for service.


For a taste of the islands, try this tropical variation: replace the milk with Thai Kitchen coconut milk.

Looking for a new dip or spread for your menu offerings?!  Try this recipe replacing the milk with warmed cream cheese.

This honey mustard yogurt dressing recipe yields just over half cup or 5-1 ounce servings.

This recipe perfectly pairs with our "Poached Salmon Salad" found on