Recipe Details

With a little patience and five easy ingredients, you can achieve restaurant-quality cured egg yolks at home, adding rich umami flavor to your dishes, featured in our 2017 Flavor Forecast report. Coated in a generous mixture of salt, sugar, rosemary, and garlic, egg yolks become firm and flavorful after curing for four days in the fridge.

  1. Mix sugar, salt and spices in medium bowl until well blended.
  2. Spread half of the rosemary salt mixture in small glass baking dish (about 8"x8"). Make 4 evenly spaced indentations into the salt mixture with the back of a spoon. Place an egg yolk into each indentation. Gently cover yolks with remaining salt mixture. Cover with plastic wrap, leaving one corner open for moisture to escape.
  3. Refrigerate 4 days or until yolks are firm enough to slice or grate. (Check the eggs every day to make sure they are fully covered with the salt mixture.)
  4. When ready to use, remove the eggs from the salt sugar mixture and carefully brush off any excess. (You may rinse them if desired. But if so, pat and air dry before trying to slice because the eggs may become tacky after rinsing.) Discard any remaining salt mixture. Slice, blend or grate the yolks as desired.

Egg Safety and Handling

  1. Consuming raw or undercooked eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. Wash hands with soap and warm water before handling eggs and at every step of egg preparation.


Slice, grate, shave or crumble cured egg yolks over pasta, rice, salads, vegetables and soups. Use Rosemary Garlic Cured Egg Yolks to prepare Beet Carpaccio with Rosemary Cured Egg Yolk (visit for the recipe).