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This sweet and seriously spicy condiment features the tangy-sweet flavor of French's® Honey Mustard and fiery wasabi paste tempered with creamy mayonnaise, sesame oil and smoky toasted sesame seeds for a signature sauce with complex flavor.

  1. Combine honey mustard, mayonnaise, sesame oil, wasabi paste and sesame seeds in a bowl and whisk to blend.
  2. Cover and refrigerate to hold.


For spicy Asian BBQ sliders, layer BBQ pulled pork in mini slider rolls topped with shredded slaw tossed in Sesame Wasabi Honey Mustard.

Toss this Asian honey mustard with diced chicken and overstuff in a flour tortilla with grilled peppers and oinions for a spicy chicken salad wrap.

Cost per serving: $0.

17 (2-tbsp.