Recipe Details

Raspberries mashed with canola oil and lemon juice. Combine with Cattlemen's® Memphis Sweet® BBQ Sauce, water and salt.

  1. With a wire whisk, mash berries in juice and oil. Whip to blend well.
  2. Mix sauce and water into berry mixture. Season lightly with salt. Prepare fresh the day of use


This dressing is wonderful with ripe strawberries or blueberries.

Make this dressing with local berries in their peak season and message it accordingly.

For a less sweet and slightly spicy dressing use Cattlemen’s® Chipotle or Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce.

Use this dressing as a seasonal house dressing or as a glaze on grilled seafood, chicken or pork.

Photo is shown with grilled chicken tenderloin kabobs brushed with BBQ Raspberry Vinaigrette served over a leafy green and Napa cabbage salad with honey roasted walnuts, goat cheese and blackberries.