Recipe Details

A spicy blend of Dijon and Parmesan with a creamy aioli makes the perfect spread for this grilled chicken wrap with lettuce, tomato and Swiss cheese.

  1. Combine mustard, mayonnaise, pureed garlic, Parmesan cheese and lemon and pepper seasoning (to taste) in a bowl and whisk to blend. Cover and refrigerate to hold.
  2. Season and grill chicken breast on a well oiled grill until cooked.
  3. To assemble one wrap, spread 1 tablespoon prepared Aioli on bottom of wrap; then add 1/4 cup lettuce and 2 slices tomato. Top with 4 oz. chicken breast cut into 3 strips, cheese, and about 1 tablespoon more of Aioli. Serve.


This Dijon Aioli is wonderful on any deli meat hoagie or even on a juicy burger.