Recipe Details

A combination of chicken stock, cocoa powder, Cattlemen's® Original Base BBQ Sauce, ancho seasoning and peanut butter.

  1. Blend stock or drippings with cocoa and ancho. Mix with Cattlemen's.
  2. If desired, add warmed peanut butter and adjust cocoa and ancoi to meet the desires of your consumers.


When smoking or roasting chicken thighs, reserve the pan with juices and browned bits of fond.

Then deglaze with a natural chicken stock and reduce.

Maintain some of the fat to leave a pronounced real fresh chicken flavor in the final sauce.

This sauce is also wonderful with Cattlemen's® Smoky, Classic, Hot & Spicy or Chipotle BBQ Sauce.

Photo is shown with smoked and grilled chicken thighs, Jicama slaw and drizzled with Mole sauce.

Served with a side of grilled corn topped with brown butter, Cojita cheese and cilantro.