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Cattlemen’s Signature Sauce Ideas

Built for your back of house, Cattlemen’s® BBQ Sauces are developed exclusively for foodservice and are available in a variety of trending, regional flavors.

Tips for Speed-Scratch Sauces From Our Chefs

Built for your back of house, not your backyard. Cattlemen’s® family of signature regional BBQ sauces are designed with a thick tomato base for ultimate slatherability, will cling to any protein, and won’t break under high temps – saving you time on the back end. They’re ready to flavor your menus as is with from-scratch flavor. Or, get inspired by the creative transformations below.

Plus One: Carolina Tangy Gold 

Spicy Carolina BBQ Sauce

Kick the signature flavor of Carolina Tangy BBQ up a notch with Frank’s RedHot, perfect for pulled pork or chicken, saucy wings, or grilled chicken sandwiches.

Plus One: Mississippi Honey 

Nashville Hot Honey BBQ Sauce

Get saucy with the sweet-heat combo of Mississippi Honey and Nashville Hot Honey BBQ, made for taking fried or grilled chicken sandwiches, burgers, and wings to the next level. 

Plus One: Kansas City Classic 

Kansas City Balsamic BBQ Drizzle 

The familiar flavor of sweet molasses and vine-ripe tomatoes in Kansas City Classic BBQ Sauce meets the tangy richness of balsamic vinegar in this signature drizzle that’s perfect for finishing pizzas or spreading onto pressed sandwiches. 

Plus One: Memphis Sweet 

Sweet & Tangy Chili Lime BBQ

When you combine Memphis Sweet BBQ with Cattlemen’s Chili Lime Rub, you get a smoky, sweet, and tangy sauce that’s ready to transform so many dishes – like grilled chicken breasts or a smokehouse salad topped with corn and black bean salsa. 

One Plus: Louisiana Hot & Spicy 

Spicy Bayou Cajun BBQ Sauce

For a taste of New Orleans-inspired BBQ flavor, drizzle this hot and bold BBQ Sauce over shrimp and grits, bayou baby back ribs, or spread on Cajun club sandwiches.  

Plus One: Kentucky Bourbon 

Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce

An exciting mash-up of sweet cherry and smoky bourbon BBQ, this simple sauce is delicious on grilled chicken, brisket burnt ends, or turkey club sandwiches. 

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From the tangy sauces of the Carolinas to the rich, smoky flavors of Kansas City, Cattlemen's world-class flavor standards and performance are unmatched.

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