Recipe Details

Thick crunchy kettle chips are dressed with sinful whipped potatoes that are loaded with decadent Parmesan garlic butter then topped with cooked order sliced steak bites and finished with a drizzle of Frank’s RedHot® Buffalo Wings Sauce.

  1. Plate chips on a baking dish or platter. Place hot potato mixture in a bag or squirt bottle and pipe a generous 1 tablespoon portion onto each chip.
  2. Cut steak into ¾ ” by 1” strips, season and grill to order. Slice into 18 portions and serve over potato mixture. Drizzle with Frank’s Buffalo Wings Sauce.
  3. Garnish with blue cheese and celery.


The purchased kettle chip could be replaced by a house-made moderately thin sliced, fried and lightly salted potato chip.

Also consider building this on a traditional potato skin format.

The mashed potato should be soft, seasoned and moist enough that it isn't viewed as a mashed potato but a puree that is loaded with flavor and holds heat below the steak bite.

A typical 6 oz.

cut and seasoned in the above mentioned strips should grill-sear quickly enough to keep an under 10 minute kitchen time.