Recipe Details

Corn chips covered with a spicy black bean puree, topped with hearty chunks of smoked beef brisket burnt ends tossed with Cattlemen’s® Kansas City Classic® BBQ Sauce and Cheddar Jack cheese. Once baked, finish with a sprinkling of chopped French’s™ Crispy Jalapenos and fresh chopped cilantro. Serve with soufflés of salsa, cumin lime crema and guacamole.

  1. Lay chips out on platter. Apply warm bean puree from a large tip squirt bottle. Toss hot beef with hot BBQ sauce. Top with sauced brisket, cover each chip with cheese and heat in oven or under cheese melter.
  2. Sprinkle with chopped Jalapeños and cilantro.
  3. Portion into small cups and serve in the center or on the side.


The black bean puree can be as simple as canned beans blended with beef or chicken stock, sautéed onions, Parmesan and Frank’s® RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce.

Replace the Cattlemen’s Smoky with Classic, Hot & Spicy or Chipotle.

For a refreshing cumin lime crema, add fresh lime juice, roasted cumin and a touch of salt to sour cream.

This style of building nachos so each chip has all ingredients adds value and is becoming a consumer favorite.

If you’re looking to serve this recipe in the more traditional “piled” format, try building the nachos single layer with good coverage of all ingredients over the chips and once baked transfer in 2 or more layers to a serving platter.