Recipe Details

Slowly smoked pork shoulder tossed in Yucateca BBQ Glaze. Served with melted cheddar, braised kale and red onions on rustic bread.

  1. Yucateca BBQ Glaze:In hot pan toast ancho chile powder for about 30 seconds. Hydrate toasted ancho chile powder and cocoa in water. Mix all ingredients and let sit 12-24 hours to marry flavors.
  2. To Build Sandwich:Toss 1 cup Yucateca BBQ Glaze with 1 lb. slowly smoked pulled pork shoulder. Spread onto a rustic 6" roll that has been split and toasted. Top with braised kale and sliced red onions.


Prepare as directed with braised collard greens or spinach.

Chicken or pulled beef works nicely with this glaze.