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Our Steakhouse Salad is a can't resist, bold flavored dish.  Move over side salad, this recipe is moving on up the salad menu.  Here's how we do it at McCormick for Chef: we take our Montreal Steak Seasoning (of course!) and freshly grill flat iron steaks, then assemble atop baby lettuce greens, grape tomatoes, celery and blue cheese crumbles.  Next, we temper the ever-popular flavor of buffalo, when we take Frank's RedHot Original Buffalo Wings Sauce and make it into a mouthwatering Italian Buffalo Vinaigrette.

For the Grilled Montreal "Flat Iron" Steaks:

  1. Season steak with 1 teaspoon steak seasoning. Grill to desired doneness.
  2. Let steaks rest and slice 1 steak per salad.

For the Steakhouse Salad Assembly:

  1. On each salad platter, portion 2 cups of salad greens.
  2. Garnish each with seven (7) cut grape tomatoes.
  3. Add one (1) flat iron sliced steak per salad to cover greens.
  4. Garnish with 1 tablespoon each of blue cheese and celery.
  5. Drizzle with 3 tablespoons each of vinaigrette RECIPE >>


Our steakhouse salad build, with it's Italian Buffalo vinaigrette makes a craveable, crispy chicken tenderloin salad or a buffalo edge salad with the addition of crumbled Applewood smoked bacon.  Try these variations on your menu today!

This recipe makes 6 sensational steakhouse salads.